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Remembering Sherwood Schwartz November 14, 1916 - July 12, 2011

Sherwood Schwartz claimed to be the "luckiest man in the world."  A person is sometimes not remembered by his name or face but rather by his works.  So it is with Sherwood Schwartz.

Schwartz created two of the most popular sitcoms during the 60's and 70's.  He wrote both "Gilligan's Island" and the "Brady Bunch" along with their recognized theme songs.

His studies began in pre-med at New York University and then a Masters degree from the University of Southern California.

He began writing for radio in the 1930's joining his brother on the staff of Bob Hope's programs.  During World War II, he claimed to have "defended Santa Monica Boulevard" as he worked for the US Armed Forces radio for the troops overseas.  Following the war, he returned to radio having worked on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" "Danny Thomas" and "The Beulah Show"

As television became more popular, Schwartz started a career in the medium of writing  for "I Married Joan" and became the head writer for the "Red Skelton Show" and received five consecutive nominations from the Writers Guild of America and an Emmy Award in 1961.  He was also the writer and producer of the series "It's About Time" from 1966-67.

Sherwood also was an author having written "Inside Gilligan's Island" "Brady, Brady, Brady" and completed his memoir two weeks prior to his passing called "From Passaic to Paradise"

He also wrote for the stage having completed "Rockers" at the age of 90 that received rave reviews.

In March 2008, he received a well deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

Sherwood Schwartz died on July 12, 2011at the age of 94.

A celebration of Sherwood's life was held on July 15, 2011 in the Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary in Los Angeles where he was laid to rest.  His funeral program (pictured) included the theme from Gilligan's Island.
              "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale"

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